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Greg Williams

I’m a South Georgia native from Midway, Ga., who retired from the US Army as a Major. I graduated from Georgia State University in 1997 with a BS in Criminal Justice. I went on to get a MS in Environmental Management from Webster in 2001 and a degree in Military Arts and Science from Air Command and Staff College in 2011. I have over nine years experience as a Licensed Public Adjuster. I’m an active member of the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA). 

After retiring from the Army in 2015, I sought an outlet to help with my PTSD. I always wanted to fish in Alaska but didn’t know how to start. So, I booked a trip and flew alone to Anchorage, Alaska in Aug 2018. While waiting on my connecting flight in Anchorage, I met a guy named George, and he told me his life story. When we arrived in Homer, Alaska, George’s sister, Nina Faust, was waiting for him and they offered me a ride to my lodging. We became quick friends and Nina and George gave me a tour of Homer, Alaska and also brought me to their home, which overlooks the whole city of Homer. The view was peaceful and relaxing. 

Once I returned home to Georgia, I promised myself I would return every year as long as I could manage it. As I went over the event and memories of my trip it dawned on me that the outdoor activities I participated in helped me to cope with my PTSD, and it could do the same for other veterans. Deep sea fishing in Alaska had healing properties in my life . It helped to change my perspective and deal with my feelings of anxiety. I knew that meant that it could also be hugely beneficial to others suffering from PTSD. I went alone again in 2019 and 2020. I experienced the same tranquility as before. The water was peaceful and the scenery was, again, spectacular.

In 2021, three veterans accompanied me to Alaska. In 2022, nine veterans came along. I shared my experience with my wife and we decided that other veterans should go on this great outdoors adventure, but as a community. We organized and  accomplished the task of creating Military Veterans Fishing Charter Inc., (MVFC) in 2022.

It gives me inspiration to see veterans who have never been to Alaska experience the scenery, landscape, animals and great fishing for the first time. June 2-7, 2023, we will have some new faces in the group. This will be a pilot test to get feedback on how successful this trip is for them coping with PTSD. I am excited for what is in store for us this year!

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