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Who We Are

Military Veterans Fishing Charter, Inc (MVFC)

MVFC is a privately funded 501(c) Non-profit Organization incorporated in 2022.

To help veterans gain the tools necessary to build confidence and trust within themselves as they take steps toward their individual healing journey. The MVFC offers military veterans alternative methods for dealing with the effects and challenges of PTSD. Veterans will have the opportunity to learn coping mechanisms that promote mental wellness and community through fellowship, shared experience, and outdoor activity. 

MVFC Helps Manage the Symptoms of PTSD

We were founded in 2023  by Gregory Williams, a retired Army veteran who decided to use his love for deep-sea fishing as more than just a hobby.  Greg went on many ventures to Alaska and found peace and tranquility that helped him deal with his PTSD.  Everything we do is to help support the men and women who made countless sacrifices, in service to our country, find a therapeutic way to enjoy life again.  Most of all, we share the HOPE that our mission and vision will help to improve our fellow servicemembers’ well-being. We welcome the opportunity for you to join our family at MVFC.


The first time we visited Homer, Alaska, we knew that this was a place we wanted to visit continuously. Homer, Alaska is like no other place, with its mesmerizing views, world class halibut and salmon fishing, natural landscape, and the beauty of the ocean; it is truly an experience you will remember forever.


If you're a veteran suffering from PTSD due to active duty military service, please fill out our easy online application.


We have organized a stress-free trip for your enjoyment as you interact with other veterans, fish, eat and relax; creating a space to further heal and manage the effects of PTSD.

Skills & Experience

We are a family and Military Veteran owned company.

Quality Gear
Deep Sea Expertise
Fishing Therapy

We Collectively have over 50 years of fishing experience. 

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How Can We Help?

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. 

Gregory Williams

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