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Fishing Therapy

How Does Fishing Therapy work?

Fishing therapy isn’t just healing because of the great outdoors. The opportunity to fellowship with other veterans helps to build meaningful relationships that create more safe places for veterans to talk about their experiences. This is especially important for those suffering from anxiety and social isolation which often accompany PTSD.

How Does Fishing Therapy help with PTSD

We at Military Veterans Fishing Charter Inc. have learned that the three stages of fishing therapy; interaction, experience and healing, impact the healing process of PTSD. 


One of the most important stages of fishing therapy has nothing to do with the outdoors. Getting out and interacting with others helps to build community. This interaction is vital for people suffering from PTSD because social anxiety often goes hand in hand with PTSD.  Not all Vets have a loving family to return home to and connect with. So many vets miss having a community when they return to civilian life. MVFC becomes that family.  

Through activity and interaction vets have the opportunity to build relationships. Relationships that build a community of support where vets can go to open up and talk about issues and experiences with fellow “battle buddies”. Who better understands what vets are going through than other vets coping with similar issues? MVFC is excited to be a part of creating safe spaces for veterans to interact because we know community is needed throughout the healing process.


Traveling can help veterans to heal from trauma as well. Discovering new places, people and living in the present moment can help to relieve stress. Replacing a traumatic experience with new experiences is a proven way to help combat symptoms of PTSD. Associating positive experiences with old memories can help to change the context of that event. Deep sea fishing has a positive impact by the effects of the calming seas, rhythmic wave movement, and the open serenity of the Alaskan environment for Military veterans that have PTSD.


After experiencing the trip veterans reported that it was conducive in their healing journeys and it helped to manage the symptoms associated with PTSD.

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Gregory Williams

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